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Namron is a reliable source for procurement of various types of sacrificial Anodes with short delivery time.

Offshore jacket anode

  • Mainly used in the offshore platforms
  • The Anodes are connected to Pipe

Pipeline/bracelet anodes

  • Mainly used in Subsea pipeline protection
  • Usually produced in 2 halves and connected to the pipes by means of welding or bolting

Marine Anodes

  • These anodes are used to protect Ship/Vessel structures such as ship hull, ballast tank, rig components etc.
  • These anodes are either Aluminum alloy or Zinc alloy type ranging from 1-100 kg

Other Marine products

  • Crankshaft, crank pin, cylinder liner, diaphragm, fuel filter, mount damper, shaft, spacer, spark plugs, starter, gasket kit, impeller, etc